embracing the new age of public relations

Laude PR goes beyond the traditional confines of public relations. The new age of PR requires a 360° approach, something we are uniquely suited for as an agency engrossed in an era of connectivity.


“Cum Laude” is a term used for the best of the best when graduating, the translation reading “with distinction”. At the root of the word we find the honor, the integrity, and the grit it takes to be distinct. Laude PR was formed out of a desire to branch away from the antiquated PR and Marketing systems; it was started so we could find our distinct place in the ever-changing industry. As PR and Marketing become more and more intertwined, we stand ready to uproot the status quo and take a 360° approach to making brands distinct.

In an online marketplace where consumers have access to millions of products at the touch of a few buttons, it has become ever more important to relate to the consumer on a personal level. Every brand has a story to tell, and it is our job to help tell that story in a meaningful fashion. Behind the meaning, we find the distinction.

Let Laude PR bring distinction to your brand.


“Laude PR has taken our new business to the next level.  They are innovative go getters who are organized, comprehensive and their follow through has kept our team on task. We have gotten great coverage and they have helped us pivot when needed.  We can’t recommend Laude PR highly enough.”


“Laude PR has worked their tails off behind the scenes to not only get top-tier press for Angry Angel but also to assist the Angel Angel team with our branding vision and long-term positioning. It is difficult to find “professionals” that are actually professional and deliver tangible results. It is especially difficult as an entrepreneur and small business owner to trust your “baby” in the hands of someone else. I would, without any hesitation, recommend Laude PR for any PR, Marketing and/or Branding needs.


“LPR has a great understanding of our brand and brand message. They have allowed us to become more visible to our consumers and have demonstrated an ability to think strategically for both the short term and long term”


a few of our CLIENTS

As an agency, we know the importance of truly getting to know a brand backwards and forwards. Don’t be scared when we start asking questions like, “What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?” Brands become family, and family are the best spokespeople for a brand.


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