Every client is different, so the work we do will be unique as well. From building brand identity to defining strategic priorities, Laude PR gives you more than just press


Folded Hills was launched in 2017. In just three short years they have managed to put together an impressive team and launch their lifestyle brand, focused on producing cleaner wines for consumers and having fun doing it!

Laude PR has aided their efforts via Press Outreach, Building out Marketing Assets, Social Media Strategy, Partnerships & Collaborations, etc. During the COVID-19 pandemic, LPR helped pivot the business and drive online sales by focusing on digital outlets and partnerships. LPR also helped shift events online, launching Virtual Wine Tasting Classes and other curated events for editors and guests.



Coppersea Distillery prides themselves on their unique Heritage Methods Distilling, producing some of the rarest Whiskey bottles in the world. While they were known among the Whiskey world, Laude PR was challenged to introduce Coppersea in the lifestyle space, earning more attention from consumers who may not be well-versed on Whiskey Distilling.

Laude PR worked to secure regional lifestyle press for the brand, as well as increased awareness of their Tasting Room in New Paltz, New York. Securing podcasts for their Chief Distiller, Christopher Briar, was a great way to spread the enthusiasm, and knowledge, behind their unique Distilling Methods. 


Laude PR was invited to the soft launch of Well Aware in November 2019 and we immediately joined them in efforts to bring them to their target consumers. Aside from working on highlighting the product, one of the main goals was to shine a light on Maria Lopez as a female entrepreneur. Our efforts and successes included media placement, curated mailers, partnership opportunities, and event ideation. Well Aware is continuing to make huge strides in their first year and Laude has secured crucial placements that have made the brand visible to their target consumers.


Angry Angel was at the height of their new launch when we began working with them. Their effort to bring a functional-beverage with zero artificial ingredients was a tough one, but one that Justin Lloyd, founder & CEO, wasn’t afraid to back away from. 

Laude PR was initially tasked to help with just the initial press release for their new product. Assembling assets, quotes, and assisting in outreach to key players in the industry. The Press Release catalyzed a successful relationship between Laude and Angry Angel, leading to a long-term relationship between our brands.


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